Written by Kristina Leach. Directed by Noel Neeb.
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“Jane” was not just a hit song by one of the hottest pop stars in the country, but also a former girlfriend.

What happens when Jimmy breaks into Jane's apartment twelve years later in search of another hit?

Jimmy's about to find out sometimes the past hits back.




Romance Film / Drama / Music

Fun Fact

It was a play before it was a screenplay.

Tag Line

Sometimes the past hits back.

Log Line

A desperate musician breaks into the apartment of his former girlfriend in search of another hit.


Jane and Jimmy’s relationship was intense. Jane knew it was too good to be true. “There’s no way this is sustainable,” she thought. “You’re smarter than this Jane. You know better. This guy isn’t the real deal. He’s going to steal everything and never give anything back.” And after every phone call, every time they talked, every kiss, she was always talking herself out of Jimmy and into how he was this giant mistake. Because no matter what, she knew he’d find a way out of the love he promised.

And when Jimmy’s star began to rise, Jane found out she was right. Not only did he leave her high and dry, but he used their tumultuous relationship and her dark past and insecurities to create the hit song, “Jane,” catapulting Jimmy to stardom.

Fast forward 12 years later. Jane survived her past and moved forward, or so she thought, until one fateful night her past comes crashing through her door. Jimmy was back.


What happens when Jimmy breaks into Jane's apartment and in search of another hit? He’s about to find out sometimes the past hits back.

What inspires us to make A HIT LIKE JANE?

When we first read A HIT LIKE JANE, we immediately identified with the following universal questions. One: “What would I say and do if the person who broke my heart or betrayed me came across my path today?” And, two: “What if I decided to face the event head on instead of running away?”

Whether love is requited or not all, if we live long enough, humans will have their heart broken in ways we didn’t think was possible to survive. And in a time where relationships are breaking up via text and people are losing the art of conversation, telling this story is important more now than ever.

We hope that by demonstrating how to stand bravely in the discomfort of one’s truth, hurt, and history, we will be able to move and inspire our audiences to be brave enough in their own lives to confront this side of life’s journey, to have the hard conversations, and hopefully to come out stronger for it in the end.

Broken hearts, betrayal, manipulation, and living in ones truth are all worldwide issues. By using the medium of film, we strive to highlight important issues through a feminine perspective, and inspire viewers to create personal and social change. Guided by a philosophy that brings light to humanity, we're committed to making the world a better place, one story at a time. This is why we're making A HIT LIKE JANE.

Join us!

Noel Neeb & Rachel McKinney, Producers

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Nick Norfords

Kristina Leach (Screenwriter)

Kristina is a mom and a writer. She’s worked in professional theatre for 20 years as a literary associate, playwright, director and teaching artist – in no particular order and usually all at once. She was the recipient of the John Cauble Short Play Award for her play Supernova in Hamlet and was 1st runner up for the David Mark Cohen Award for her play Grasmere, which has been produced all over the place including - New York, Los Angeles, and the U.K. She has recently been commissioned by South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa, CA. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, their son and a grumpy dog named Murray.

Noël Neeb (Co-Founder, Producer, Director)

Raised in Texas, I always dreamed of launching new works and classics on an international level. Dreams do come true. Since moving to New York, some of my directing experience includes: critically acclaimed European Premiere Grasmere at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Tough Guys Don't Shoot Blanks at the Fringe NYC at the Barrow Street Theatre, and Disillusioned at The Midtown International Theater Festival (picked up for an extended run & Winner, Top 3 Short Subject Plays). I am an Associate Member of Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, a Lincoln Center Director's Lab Alumna and have studied with Jean-Guy Lacat and viewpoints creator Mary Overlie. For a complete list of credits, check out: www.noelneeb.com

Nick Norfords (Producer/Editor)

Nick is an award winning producer/editor who splits his time between Maine, New York, and Los Angeles. He is the co-creator and producer of the long running, groundbreaking paranormal webseries “Haunt ME.” He has successfully produced and crowd-funded multiple short films, guiding them from idea through editing to distribution. Nick also is a professional Script Supervisor in variety television, working on countless live and taped shows such as The Emmy Awards, The Tonight Show, The Kennedy Center Honors, and Disney’s Holiday Specials. Check out: www.Haunt-Me.com

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Rachel McKinney (Producer/Actor)

Having grown up as the youngest of three girls, living in Chile, Mexico and Arizona & raised by Texan parents, I’ve always been surrounded by people & places that have sparked my imagination for storytelling. Since moving to New York, a few of my accomplishments include: co-founding RoaN Productions, co-starring in film Shades of Gray, gaining international acclaim portraying Dorothy Wordsworth in European Premiere Grasmere at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the webisode series Heroes and Monsters. For more information, check out: 
REEL: https://www.youtube.com/rachelmckinney