Stay a little awkward,   
be braver than you      
thought you could be,   

     and always be kind.     


Although my parents are from a small town in Texas, I was born in California. Six months later, my parents took a leap of faith and moved me and my older sisters to South America. Spanish was my first language. I was raised in Chile, Mexico, and Arizona, but I am a New Yorker through and through.

When I attended college, I originally pursued an engineering and physics degree, and after I realized garden variety vectors were not my thing, I went on a quest. I studied Spanish and American Sign Language, thinking maybe I’d be an interpreter, and then as fate would have it, I took an acting class. Everything changed from that point forward.

Upon receiving my BA from Arizona State University, I started my journey as an actor, world traveler, and maker of the perfect margarita.

In my personal and professional life, I am described as “a spirited independent woman with a compelling vulnerability.” I like a challenge and enjoy playing characters who are really different than I am in life. As a result, my resume is eclectic.

Achievements I'm proud of?​

Starring as Dorothy Wordsworth in Grasmere in its NYC & European Premiere. Our show was added to The Scotsman's coveted “Must See Show” list. 

Up next for me?

*Creating the series: With Love, Us