Written by Kristina Leach. Directed by Noel Neeb.

“Jane” was not just a hit song by one of the hottest pop stars in the country, but also a former girlfriend. What happens when Jimmy breaks into Jane's apartment twelve years later in search of another hit?

Jimmy's about to find out sometimes the past hits back.




Romance Film / Drama / Music

Fun Fact

It was a play before it was a screenplay.

Tag Line

Sometimes the past hits back.

Log Line

A desperate musician breaks into the apartment of his former girlfriend in search of another hit.


Jane and Jimmy’s relationship was intense. Jane knew it was too good to be true. “There’s no way this is sustainable,” she thought. “You’re smarter than this Jane. You know better. This guy isn’t the real deal. He’s going to steal everything and never give anything back.” And after every phone call, every time they talked, every kiss, she was always talking herself out of Jimmy and into how he was this giant mistake. Because no matter what, she knew he’d find a way out of the love he promised.

And when Jimmy’s star began to rise, Jane found out she was right. Not only did he leave her high and dry, but he used their tumultuous relationship and her dark past and insecurities to create the hit song, “Jane,” catapulting Jimmy to stardom.

Fast forward 12 years later. Jane survived her past and moved forward, or so she thought, until one fateful night her past comes crashing through her door. Jimmy was back.


What happens when Jimmy breaks into Jane's apartment and in search of another hit? He’s about to find out sometimes the past hits back.

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